Vaccaro was stopped for running a red light and as officers approached his car he rapidly and aggressively leaned over to the passenger seat and then over into the backseat area all within 5 seconds. The officers thought he was going for a weapon and ordered him out of the car at gunpoint and then cuffed and frisked him. Vaccaro was extremely nervous and stated someone was trying to kill him and appeared to be in an “amped up state.”  He was placed in a patrol car then officers saw a rifle case in the back seat of his car. They went into the car and opened the case and a rifle was in the case. The 7th Circuit held that the detention and frisk of Vaccaro was a lawful Terry Stop and Terry Frisk and that the sweep of the car for firearms was lawfully done (although it was a “close call”) under the Long exception Michigan v. Long, 463 U.S. 1032 (1983).