You are currently viewing 2020 Vision at LEA ONE

It’s a new year and it’s a new LEA ONE! From our new website, to our new on-demand course delivery platform LEARN BLUE, to our new adjunct faculty members … 2020 is going to be an exciting year!

Our new WEBSITE is designed to quickly and effectively provide you with information about the latest cases along with information on LEA ONE training opportunities.  You can search our case summaries for key terms and then download the cases you are most interested in. You can also check our course schedule for a LEA ONE course near you or find an on-demand course on LEARN BLUE.

What is LEARN BLUE?  LEARN BLUE is our new learning management system. It is fully operational and will have a rapidly expanding catalog of on-demand courses for the busy law enforcement professional.  From Search and Seizure Law fundamentals to very advanced and specific course offerings, LEARN BLUE will be a valuable training resource for law enforcement officers.

We have new adjunct FACULTY members, including Tim Miller who will join us early in 2020 upon his retirement from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Tim is a retired Marine Corps Judge who has spent the last ten years as the Use of Force Subject Matter Expert in the FLETC Legal Division. We are honored and delighted to add his expertise to LEA ONE.  Look for an entirely new LEA ONE legal update newsletter focusing solely on the legal aspects of the use of force later this year!

Want more? We have a new LEA ONE YouTube channel that we are populating with free videos for use by law enforcement officers.  The BLUE FLASH legal update newsletter is now a weekly update that contains the most recent legal update available anywhere as well as information about LEA ONE training opportunities.  The LEA ONE podcast channel BROADCAST BLUE will have an entirely new series of podcasts called Blue Key Cases that will explain the most significant Supreme Court decisions impacting the legal aspects of law enforcement.

Put it all together and you have LEA ONE 2020 vision and we welcome you to be a part of it!