You are currently viewing LEA ONE adapts training in response to COVID 19

As a result of the Corona virus Pandemic, all of the face-to-face LEA ONE courses have been cancelled into May and we are not scheduling any courses beyond that until it is clear the pandemic has passed.  We understand that this crisis has created a serious “training gap.”  We have totally “shifted gears” to fill this training gap by leveraging our technology resources to provide high-quality training and information sharing using our LEA ONE internet-based training options:

  • LEA ONE Webinars – We will be scheduling many new FREE webinar opportunities to keep you up to date on the legal aspects of law enforcement.  Click on the SCHEDULE tab on the LEA ONE web page and look for the yellow dot next to the title. The yellow dot indicates it is a live online event.
  • LEA ONE Virtual Classroom – We have the technical capability to deliver training from our studio to your classroom via the LEA ONE Virtual Classroom.  With this technology, we can transmit live to your classroom with a high-speed internet connection. You can see the instructor and ask questions and interact just as you could with an instructor standing in the classroom! Since no travel is involved, the dates and times are more flexible and the cost is significantly reduced.
  • LEARN BLUE eLearning – LEA ONE has its own learning management system which we call LEARN BLUE.  Through LEARN BLUE LEA ONE can deliver and track high-quality interactive on-demand eLearning training.  This is NOT the “click for next page” type of eLearning you may have suffered through in the past.  All of our LEARN BLUE content is engaging and provides the same level of instruction a student would receive in the live classroom equivalent.  We are currently ramping up production of courses offered on the LEARN BLUE system.  Click on the CATALOG tab on the LEA ONE web page for information on what is currently offered and how to create a user profile.  Check back often as we plan to significantly increase the number of offerings over the next few weeks.

No one leverages technology to fill the training gap like LEA ONE!  Contact us today at for information on how we can help you fill your training gap.