You are currently viewing The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops in an ONLINE HYBRID COURSE!

It’s a first … and it’s ONLY FROM LEA ONE!

Like many other commercial law enforcement trainers, LEA ONE has cancelled all live face-to-face courses through May as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Unlike the others however, LEA ONE has the technological resources to change the training modality and bring these courses to you in a hybrid online training environment.  That is exactly what we have done!

LEA ONE has harnessed the power of the LEARN BLUE learning management system and combined it with the secure GoToWebinar platform to become the only commercial provider of hybrid online training in the legal aspects of law enforcement!

Our first online hybrid course is our popular LEA ONE Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops course.  We have taken the 8-hour face-to-face class and converted into an online course that combines 6 hours of On-Demand interactive cases studies with 2 hours of live instructor-led online instruction. The course lasts from April 15 to May 6 (four weeks). During the first two weeks, the learners progress through the On-Demand case studies at their own pace as their busy schedules permit. In the last two weeks, learners select one of six two-hour live online sessions where the instructor presents the final two-hours of instruction and answers any questions the learners have about the course subject matter.  Since it is not truly training without assessed learning objectives, all learners must pass a 20-question assessment with a grade of 80% or higher to be awarded course completion certification.

For more information on this course, go to the schedule page and look for the blue dot next to The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops or click here!