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Did you know that ZOOM is being sued for known security issues?  Did you know that many companies (like Space-X)  government agencies (including the entire government in Taiwan) have IT policies that forbid the use of ZOOM?

When COVID 19 became a pandemic and face-to-face classes were canceled, many training providers flocked to Zoom simply because it is free.  They continue to use the platform even in the face of IT security issues because, quite frankly, it’s all they’ve got.

Not so at LEA ONE!  At LEA ONE, online training has been a part of our business model since day one! We have a fully functional learning management system (LEARN BLUE) for on-demand learning. Furthermore, we have TWO secure platforms for live online delivery.  For webinars, we use the secure GoToWebinar© platform, which provides a convenient and secure webinar delivery platform to any device, including mobile devices.  For live online training, we use the industry-leading Adobe Connect© virtual classroom space.  When we say LEA ONE provides the highest-quality training in the legal aspects of law enforcement, we mean it!  In EVERY training modality!

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