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LEA ONE is now booking live classes across the country in 2021! We have updated and revitalized our three core training courses in the legal aspects of law enforcement. Choose from the following:

The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops 
This 8-hour course provides a detailed overview and critical update on the evolving and complicated law governing traffic stops from the moment of inception to subsequent investigation, search, and arrest.

Use of Force – Law and Liability  
This highly interactive 8-hour course uses case studies to take a deep-dive into the law governing the use of force and current issues regarding officer liability.

Search and Seizure SUPERCHARGED! TM 
This fast-paced advanced 8-hour course provides an intense study on the law governing warrantless searches and seizures.

LEA ONE has very flexible hosting options tailored to your training needs.  Contact us at and we’ll work with you to develop a hosting solution to bring LEA ONE to your training room in 2021!