You are currently viewing 2022 Live Classroom Courses!

LEA ONE is back in the classroom teaching face-to-face courses!  Our full-day live face-to-face classes are professionally designed and developed and delivered by award-winning instructors who use polling devices and activities to fully-engage class participants.

Here are the live face-to-face course offerings for 2022:

  • Constitutional Policing
  • The Legal Aspects of Warrantless Searches
  • The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops
  • The Legal Aspects of the Use of Force
  • The Evolving Law of Government Searches
  • Interviews and Interrogations
  • Premises Search Warrant Application and Execution
  • Report Writing and Courtroom Testimony
  • The Legal Aspects of Dwelling Encounters
  • Electronic Surveillance and the Use of Gizmos

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