The LEA ONE Difference

All that glitters isn't "gold" ...

There are a number of people offering training in the Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement.  A simple internet search on the term will yield a page full of results.  So how is LEA ONE any different?

Difference #1 - Our PEOPLE

At LEA ONE, we understand that quality education and training requires a combination of three key professional skill sets: subject matter expertise, curriculum development expertise, and instructional delivery expertise.  LEA ONE is the only training provider in the Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement that brings all three of these skill sets to bear at the highest level.

Subject Matter Expertise:  Our singular focus is on The Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement.  Whether it is search and seizure law, interrogation and interviews, or electronic surveillance law ... we teach the LAW.  It takes more than just a law degree to be a subject matter expert in the legal aspects of law enforcement. It takes years and years of prosecuting cases and defending countless motions to suppress evidence or confessions and trying felony cases before juries.  Before you select a company or an individual to provide legal training, look at the credentials of the people who are providing the subject matter expertise!

Curriculum Development Expertise: It's amazing to see the number of individuals or companies providing legal training with little or no expertise in curriculum development and instructional design.  They have probably never even heard of the term  "andragogy" ... but we know it well!  Andragogy is the science of the method and practice of teaching adults.  Any law enforcement legal training curricula should be developed and designed on solid educational principles.  Curriculum development is not building a pretty set of PowerPoint slides.  It is based on learning objectives with measurable outcomes designed specifically for the modality of delivery (classroom, eLearning, webinar, etc.).  Before you select a company or an individual to provide legal training, demand to see the lesson plan and ask who developed and who peer reviewed the training that will be delivered.

Instructional Delivery Expertise: Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you can teach others to do it.  An instructor should not just be a subject matter expert, he or she should be a subject matter expert with formal instructor training certification and demonstrated performance "on the platform."  Before you select a company or an individual to provide legal training, make sure the instructors have formal instructor training and have demonstrated sustained superior performance in teaching law at a law enforcement academy.

LEA ONE has the expertise of five former FLETC Senior Legal Instructors, all of whom are subject matter experts, curriculum development experts, content reviewers, and award-winning instructors.

To see the credentials of our faculty, click LEA ONE - Our People


Difference #2 - Our TRAINING

LEA ONE training is professionally designed based on defined objectives and demonstrated outcomes.  Training isn't a set of slides ... nor is it just sharing information. The difference between information sharing and training is what you expect people to be able to do.  The quality of the training can only be as good as the quality of the curriculum development.  Maintaining legal curricula is a constant vigil.  Court opinions are issued every week that have an impact on the legal aspects of law enforcement.  This means legal curricula should be constantly updated and peer reviewed.  At LEA ONE, we read every federal criminal case opinion at appellate court level and make constant adjustments to our curricula which is then peer reviewed by at least two subject matter experts before it is incorporated into our training.  You should never accept any training or rely on any text that is not peer reviewed!  Many of the courses in "search and seizure law" and "the law of interrogations" you see offered by other companies or individuals are nothing more than a single person (sometimes not even a lawyer) who is providing what he or she thinks is the status of the law.  Before you select a company or an individual to provide legal training, you should insist on seeing a lesson plan and know the credentials of who wrote it, when it was last updated, and who peer reviewed it.

To learn more about how we put it all together, click LEA ONE - Our Purpose


LEA ONE is the only provider of training in the legal aspects of law enforcement that offers delivery in all four delivery modalities!

Live "Face-to-Face Instruction: At our site or at yours, LEA ONE offers live courses in a traditional classroom environment.  We regularly schedule courses at training sites throughout the country with automated registration through our Eventbrite page at We also offer any of our courses at your training location at discounted rates.  Contact us for more details on how to set up training at your facility.

Live "Person to Person" Online Instruction:  LEA ONE has its own "virtual classroom" platform that allows us to teach a group of students at the same time who are not co-located.  We offer many of our courses purely "online" in a virtual setting that allows for the student to attend from anywhere.  Class size is kept small so that students can interact with the instructor one on one and ask questions just like they would in a physical classroom.  These courses are offered through the LEA ONE Eventbrite page as well.

Live "Person to Point" Online Instruction: LEA ONE has the ability to use either video-teleconferencing or our internet-based online delivery system in order to bring our instructor to your "smart classroom."  If you have a group of officers in one location that you want to receive training, we can provide training to your group remotely through our online delivery system.  This course delivery method is offered upon request. Contact us today for more details.

On-Demand Online Instruction: LEA ONE owns and operates its own Learning Management System (LMS) through the LEA ONE Learning Portal.  We also design and develop our own interactive eLearning content "in-house" through the use of a team concept where developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts coordinate on all LEA ONE eLearning projects. We also conduct a complete peer review of every eLearning module before it is tested and launched on the LEA ONE Portal.

No one offers you the flexibility of training delivery like LEA ONE.  To learn more about our various modalities of delivery, click LEA ONE - Our Services

The Bottom Line:

Anyone can claim to provide the "best legal training" or boldly state they are "the gold standard" of legal training ... but compare them to LEA ONE before you accept it as fact.  No one brings expertise to training in the legal aspects of law enforcement like LEA ONE!