LEA ONE – Our Services


At LEA ONE, we cover ALL facets of providing high-caliber training in The Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement!

CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT - The law is constantly changing, which requires any curricula on the legal aspects of law enforcement to be continuously monitored and updated as needed.  Our cycle of review is continuous and when a legal decision is released that has an impact on law enforcement, we act on it right away!  You'll see the case update in The Blue Blog and that means it has already been incorporated to our lesson plan topical index!  Let us help you ensure your curricula and training on the legal aspects of law enforcement is current and accurate.

LEO TRAINING - We deliver our high-caliber training through every modality both internally and externally!  We provide live face-to-face training both at your site and at pre-selected training sites for LEA Live!  We also provide live web-based training through our own LEA Webinar training platform. Lastly, we have an expanding catalog of On-Demand eLearning courses available on our LEA ONE Portal. All of our eLearning courses are developed for delivery over mobile devices!  We are also pleased to announce we are submitting courses for certification through the IADLEST National Certification Program for external delivery on the IADLEST platform.  Do you have your own LMS that you use for training?  We license our courses for deliver on external platforms too!

No matter what method of delivery you need, LEA ONE has you covered!