LEA ONE – Our Purpose

When I started this venture, I knew that there were many commercial organizations that provide training for law enforcement officers, including training in the legal aspects of law enforcement.  Many retired LEOs have decided to put a few training ideas together into a “program” and travel throughout the country teaching it for a significant amount of money. But I knew that we could provide a unique set of training services and do it at a price well below that of our “competition.”  Let me explain …

LEA ONE has only one purpose: to provide the highest caliber of training possible in The Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement.  We only teach the law. Specifically, we teach the law that LEOs need to know to do their job effectively and efficiently without taking unnecessary risks to their safety or losing key evidence.  And when I say “highest caliber” … I really mean it.

There are a few organizations out there who provide training on the legal aspects of law enforcement such as: search and seizure law, interrogations and interviews, officer liability, the legal aspects of the use of force, and electronic surveillance law.  But not a single one of them have our expertise in two critical areas: practicing criminal law and solid credentials in adult education and training.  Let me address each of those in turn.

First, when it comes to being a subject matter expert in the legal aspects of law enforcement, it’s not enough that a person was a police officer for 20 years and made hundreds of arrests.  And yet, that is typically the only experience our competition brings to the table.  A couple of them even have a retired LEO who obtained a law degree … and you can’t be blamed for thinking that is a pretty good bona fide.  But having a law degree alone is simply not enough either.  What you need … and should demand …  is a subject matter expert who is a former prosecutor who has defended countless motions to exclude evidence, motions to suppress statements, and has fully prosecuted felony criminal cases in front of a jury.  Furthermore, this criminal lawyer needs to continuously read and analyze new cases to determine the latest judicial interpretation of Constitutional Law.

Second, when it comes to developing and delivering training in the legal aspects of law enforcement, you need a team with education and experience in curriculum development, instructional design, and instructional delivery in all formats and forums.  Education is a science.  Just like you wouldn’t expect a person to be a law enforcement officer without education and training, you shouldn’t expect that someone can effectively develop curricula and deliver instruction without first studying the science of education.

In LEA ONE, I have brought these two concepts together to provide the “highest caliber” training on the legal aspects of law enforcement.  I am a former federal prosecutor with over a decade of experience researching the law and defending motions to suppress and exclude.  Additionally, I recently retired from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) where I was a Senior Instructor in the Legal Division and the Search and Seizure Law and Electronic Surveillance Law subject matter expert.  In addition to a Master of Laws and Doctorate in Law, I have a degree in Adult Education and I have been developing curricula and delivering training since 1985.  I have also partnered with former prosecutors and FLETC Senior Legal Instructors Jim McAdams, Poppi Ritacco, Gary Ainley, and John Seaman who all bring considerable legal and training experience to LEA ONE.

So hopefully you now agree that when it comes to providing training in The Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement, no one does it better than LEO ONE!  If you are a training manager or Academy Director, please contact us today and let us help you provide the highest caliber training possible in the legal aspects of law enforcement, including our “train-the-trainer” program. We also offer training on our own sites (see the LEA Live tab for more information).

Bruce-Alan Barnard, JD, LLM