LEA ONE is leading the way!

At LEA ONE, we leverage technology to provide professional training in every training modality!  Our full-day live face-to-face classes are professionally designed and developed and delivered by award-winning instructors who use polling devices and activities to fully-engage class participants.  Our live online classes utilize the powerful and interactive Adobe Connect® platform to bring the training to you where you are!  For  those who want training on-demand, look for our expanding catalog of professionally developed interactive on-demand courses on our exclusive the LEARN BLUE learning management system.  Do you want the best of both worlds? Look for our hybrid courses that combine live instruction using our virtual classroom space combined with resources and activities on LEARN BLUE. If you have any questions or would like to contact us regarding training opportunities, please contact us at comms@lea.agency.

Live LEA ONE Course Offerings

Here is the 2022 catalog of live LEA ONE courses:

  • Constitutional Policing
  • The Legal Aspects of Warrantless Searches
  • The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops
  • The Legal Aspects of the Use of Force
  • The Evolving Law of Government Searches
  • Interviews and Interrogations
  • Premises Search Warrant Application and Execution
  • Report Writing and Courtroom Testimony
  • The Legal Aspects of Dwelling Encounters
  • Electronic Surveillance and the Use of Gizmos

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On-Demand LEA ONE Course Offerings

The law is constantly changing, so our courses are constantly changing! We read every appellate decision that comes out each week regarding the legal aspects of law enforcement, and we constantly update our lesson plans and course content accordingly. Have you ever wondered whether the legal information you are getting on a static learning portal is up to date? That is never an issue at LEA ONE because we invested in our own LEARN BLUE learning management system and all of our eLearning content is developed by our own professional instructional designers and content developers. LEA ONE on-demand courses are constantly updated and only delivered on LEARN BLUE.

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