Search and Seizure SUPERCHARGED!

Monday, August 30th from 0800 to 1700
Hosted by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office
2501 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525

This challenging fast-paced 8-hour course is both a refresher and legal update designed for experienced law enforcement officers who already possess background knowledge and functional experience in search and seizure law. The instruction is advanced uses case studies to explain the development and the current status of the legal aspects of searches and seizures.  This course is Colorado-specific includes a discussion of Colorado statutes and legal decisions in addition to the applicable federal cases.

The cost of this course is only $150 and space is strictly limited to 40 students!

The topics covered in the course include:

  1. The legal developments in the two types of searches since the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Jones.
  2. The legal developments regarding when the use of force constitutes a seizure.
  3. The legal developments in the increased protection being afforded to curtilage.
  4. The complex legal aspects of using traffic stops to conduct drug distribution investigations.
  5. The legal developments in judicially recognized exceptions for warrantless searches and seizures.
  6. Mastering the concept of consent searches, including apparent authority.
  7. Conducting searches and seizures of digital storage devices.
  8. Developments in obtaining cell site location information and pinging cellphone location.
  9. Applying the concept of the “Fourth Amendment Dominos”
  10. Emerging trends in Search and Seizure Law
  11. The evolving law regarding the use of tracking devices and video surveillance and Mosaic Theory.



Aug 30 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Fort Collins, CO
2501 Midpoint Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525


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