The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops 2020 – ONLINE HYBRID

Registration is strictly limited to 50 students.

This course is an online hybrid version of the LEA ONE course on The Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops.  This is a hybrid course that is taught totally online through two online modalities.  The virtual classroom space is on the LEARN BLUE learning management system.

The first part of the course provides six-hours of instruction through “On-Demand Sessions.”  These On-Demand sessions combine interactive eLearning modules and videos to provide an engaging study of the cases that form the basis of the legal aspects of traffic stops.

The second part of the course is an instructor-led live 2-hour session that uses the cases studies from the first part of the instruction to develop the legal rules applicable to different traffic stop scenarios. Learners are required to attend ONE of the 2-hours sessions that are offered throughout the last two weeks of the course in order to pass the course.  There are four sessions offered at various times including evenings and weekends for convenience. There will also be two make-up sessions offered as needed.

This is an assessed course, which means there will be a course assessment at the end of the course.  The assessment is a 20-question multiple choice examination whereby the student will be required to apply the law as taught to factual scenarios to determine the correct course of action.  Students must achieve a score of 80% or greater to pass the course and obtain certification.  If a student does not achieve the required minimum score, they will be provided with one-on-one remediation by the instructor given one re-test opportunity.

REGISTRATION – The cost of this hybrid course is only $99.  Registration can be made through one of two methods:

INDIVIDUALS:  Individuals can self-register using this link:
Payment is made by credit card via the LEARN BLUE secure payment gateway.

GROUPS AND TRAINING MANAGERS:  Training Managers can enroll individuals or groups through invoice by emailing us at  Please indicate the course number 2020-H1 when requesting enrollment information/invoicing.


Apr 15 2020 - May 06 2020


1:00 am - 11:00 pm


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