The Reasonable Officer and Black Lives Matter

Four hours of the legal aspects of the Use of Force on a level you’ve likely never discussed!

Graham v. Connor is the “gold standard” for the use of force by law enforcement officers. On its face, it provides a straightforward rule: The use of force must be “objectively reasonable.” Although the rule is simple, the application of the rule has proven to be incredibly difficult and confusing.

This 4-hour course takes an in-depth look at the historical development of the legal standards for the use of force by law enforcement, the creation of the legal fiction of the “reasonable officer” in Graham v. Connor, the shift in societal expectations as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, and how the Supreme Court decision in Callahan v. Pearson created the “perfect storm” regarding Qualified Immunity for excessive use of force claims.

This is not a “webinar” or a video recording. This is an online hybrid LEA ONE course. The course is delivered through the LEARN BLUE learning portal. The live four-hour session is conducted in the LEA ONE ADOBE CONNECT virtual classroom space. Resources and other activities take place in course space on the LEARN BLUE portal.

Join LEA ONE Director Bruce-Alan Barnard and University of Pittsburg Lecturer Poppi Ritacco for this very special “deep dive” into the legal aspects of the use of force as they take a unique look at the law in a way not taught in academies or legal classes.

To facilitate significant interaction, space is strictly limited to 175 seats nationwide … reserve your space today!

Price: $100

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Jul 21 2020


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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