Understanding Implicit Bias in Search and Seizure

Understanding Implicit Bias in Search and Seizure is a four-hour live online course. In this course, Dr. Norman Conti from Duquesne University and Poppi Ritacco join LEA ONE Director Bruce-Alan Barnard for a study of the effect of implicit bias in search and seizure decision-making by law enforcement officers. Dr. Conti is nationally renowned for his work in this area and brings his experience with the “Police Training Inside-Out” program to bear on this critical topic.  Poppi Ritacco is a Harvard Law graduate who is a former prosecutor and FLETC Senior Legal Instructor and is now the Legal Studies Program Coordinator at the University of Pittsburg.

This course will include the following topics:

•         An explanation of implicit bias and how it affects human behavior.
•         The most common misunderstandings or misuses of the concept of Implicit Bias.
•         How the Supreme Court decision in Whren v. United States created a bias vulnerability for law enforcement officers when making traffic stops.
•         How incentives can create policy and environments that actively encourage the improper use of implicit bias in making search and seizure decisions.
•         How implicit bias can escalate encounters to more dangerous levels.
•         The importance of understanding the role of cross-cultural communications in law enforcement encounters.
•         The use of data and the Department of Justice profiling guidelines as a check on the improper use of implicit bias in making routine law enforcement decisions.

Price: $100


Jul 23 2020


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm





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