LEA Webinars

Anyone with a microphone, a computer, and internet connectivity can host a webinar these days. As an unfortunate result, it is not uncommon to pay $99 to $299 for a webinar only to be left wondering “why did I waste my time with that!” That won’t happen with a LEA ONE webinar for two reasons:

First, all LEA ONE Webinars are conducted by IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructors.  LEA brings you live webinars on the legal aspects of law enforcement presented by experienced legal instructors who are attorneys who have actually prosecuted cases and defended motions to exclude evidence and suppress statements.  These INCI certified instructors are more than just somebody with a law degree.  They know the legal aspects of law enforcement from top to bottom and they are also experts in instructional design and delivery.

Second, most LEA ONE webinars are less than $20.  (That is not a typo!)  LEA ONE webinars are not only the highest quality of instruction via webinar you can find on the legal aspects of law enforcement, we are also the most affordable.


We’ve put together a series of webinars that provide you with timely webinar instruction on important topics in the legal aspects of law enforcement. We don’t just provide information in our webinars. Our webinars are designed to actually provide training. Training includes answering questions and interacting with students, so our webinars are strictly limited to the first 100 learners who register. Once the webinar is full, registration will close and no further enrollments will be accepted in the system … so enroll early to ensure your spot! Your attendance at the webinar will be tracked and a certificate of completion will be generated for all persons who attend.

You can see a list of upcoming webinars on our interactive LEA ONE Webinar schedule.  Once you find a webinar you are interested in, click on the course title and you will be taken to the event information and registration page on our Evenbrite site. Once you have made payment you will automatically be enrolled in the course and you will receive a registration email from GoToWebinar with the URL and unique log in information.

Click here for the LEA ONE Webinar schedule and a link to registration information on Eventbrite. 

Training Managers – Do you want a live webinar presentation to a group of learners at your classroom on your schedule?  We provide customized webinar training to groups using our powerful GoToWebinar platform. Contact us today for more information!