LEARN BLUE is the powerful learning management system that delivers and tracks all LEA ONE training.  Course completion certificates and webinar attendance certificates are generated through the system. Registered learners can review their progress, or download training records directly from their profile.

On-Demand Training in the Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement

LEA ONE has an expanding catalog of on-demand courses in the legal aspects of law enforcement that are delivered through the LEARN BLUE learning management system.  Creating your LEARN BLUE profile is quick and easy.  Simply click the button below to be taken to the LEARN BLUE portal and follow the instructions on the LEARN BLUE login page.

On Demand Course Showcase

Continuing Legal Education and Training Online – 2023 Version

This on-demand course is specifically designed to meet the triennial legal update training requirement for Special Agents working in the Inspector General offices in various federal agencies.  Professionally designed and created by former FLETC Senior Legal Instructors, this online course presents all of the information presented by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in the live “CLETP” class, as well as helpful information not covered by FLETC.  The course takes approximately 20 hours to complete. Once enrolled, a learner has 90 days to complete the training. A certificate is generated upon the successful completion of the course.

Note for Agency Representatives:

Group enrollments are available and designated agency training managers are given Group Manager rights that allow them to monitor the progress of their Special Agents.  At a cost of only $199 per learner, your agency can save literally thousands per learner in training costs as compared to the cost of taking a Special Agent off the job to travel and attend a live three-day class.

Send group enrollment inquiries to: comms@lea.agency

Current group clients include:

  • The Department of Health and Human Services OIG
  • The Office of Personnel Management OIG
  • U.S. Railroad Retirement Board OIG
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OIG
  • The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
  • Department of Justice OIG
  • Department of Energy OIG